"Divine Provision Meets Generosity Planning: How to Live Life to the Fullest While Richly Giving"

by Johnny McWilliams

Learn the basics of generosity budgeting.
Specific tactics for regular giving, spontaneous giving, and outrageous giving!
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# Health & Wellness
# Nonfiction
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Learn the basics of generosity budgeting and specific tactics for regular giving, spontaneous giving, and outrageous giving! • Explore the why of giving: a firm foundation on which you can build a plan to systematically give. • Intentionally plan where to give, so you don’t miss out on the many opportunities. • Discover how to give a ton without spending much money. Giving does not cost money all the time. You can use your time and talents—giving of yourself into people’s lives. Genuine giving is from the heart to bless the person, reflecting the Giver of all good things. What is significant is that God can use your thoughtful giving to change a person’s life. God made us in His image, and He is the biggest giver of all. So, it makes sense to look towards God’s example first, so we can study His pattern of generosity. Then we can use His wealth, the provisions He has allowed us to manage, the way He has taught us by His Wisdom. These are not only Christian financial concepts and principles; these are financial truths. It’s time for you to RECOVER, GROW, and ZERO IN on the INTERSECTION, Where God’s Wealth Meets God’s Wisdom. "They were able to be a blessing to others because they were intentional with the resources they were tasked to manage."